Industrial Policies/Schemes:

Industrial growth is an area of priority for . The state Government, Govt. of India sanctioned a package of incentives for the industrial development of the State in 2002. The State Government has also sanctioned its own package of incentives to complement and supplement the incentives sanctioned by Government of India. The State Government’s package is valid till 2015.

 Incentive Package By Govt. Of India
  • 15% Capital investment Subsidy on Plant & Machinery.
  • 3% Capital Subsidy on Working Capital Loan.
  • 90% Transport Subsidy from designated railhead.
  • 100% Insurance Premium on Capital Investment.
  • Income Tax Exemption up to 2012.
 Incentive Package By State Govt.
  • 100% subsidy on pre-investment studies/preparation of feasibility reports with maximum li mit of Rs.2.00 lac.
  • Toll Tax Exemption on import or raw material and export of finished goods, excepting goods brought on negative list.
  • Toll Tax exemption against procurement of the plant and machinery, building material and other equipments required for construction of factory for a period of five years from the date of registration.
  • Exemption from earnest Money/Security Deposits to the extent of 50% or Rs.5000/- which ever is less and also 50% of the cost of tender documents or Rs.100/- which ever is less.
  • Exemption from the levy duty of GST other than items brought on negative list within the framework of VAT regime.
  • 50% of air freight for procurement of raw material / export of finished goods subject to ceiling of Rs.5.00 lac lacs per annum.
  • 100% Subsidy for purchase of new Diesel Generating Sets of 10KWs to 1000 KWs capacity with a maximum limit of Rs.25.00 lacs.